Files are organized in a list.

Every time the program is launched and a WiFi network is available, you can check the built-in web server address with the Info button.

Then you can upload files to this address from the desktop computer with any web browser.

The main file list can be updated with the Refresh button once you upload files from desktop computer.

Supported type of files can be opened on iPhone and the reading progress will be remembered automatically

Simple editing functions are built-in.

To make your typing faster, the robot arm button allows you to input some text patterns.

The text patterns are pre-defined in the PATTERN.txt file. It can also be edited by you to define new patterns.
Take the following default patterns as an example: if you type i mainId in the Insert Pattern dialog, you will get text id="mainId" input automatically.

Files can be deleted with the standard iPhone "swipe to delete" gesture (quick horizontal move on a row).