This is a text editor for iPad™ with syntax highlighting for HTML,CSS,Javascript and more. The HTML result can be previewed immediately. Furthermore, more than 50 text patterns for HTML,CSS3 and Javascript are included for quick input. This make it handy for HTML5 development.

Files can be uploaded/downloaded through WiFi connection from desktop computer with any web browser.

As in the following screenshot, you can see a item like "". If your iPad is connected to a WiFi network you can get a similar link in the same position. That's the address you should open with a web browser in your computer. Then you can download or upload the files. After uploading from computer, you can click the "Refresh" button to see the newly uploaded files.

To upload many files (including sub folders) at once you can zip them on your computer and upload to Editor for iPad. Then tap the zip file in the file list and choose to unzip it. The entire directory tree will be extracted.

Text patterns for HTML,CSS3 and Javascript can be inserted into the current position with single tap.

Text patterns are searchable.

The top-right switch button can be used to switch between edit and preview mode. HTML files will be rendered as in the mobile safari web browser.

In the edit mode, syntax highlighting can be choosed. Css,html,js,php,sql,python,vb,xml,c,cpp,basic,pas are supported. Only html,css,js,xml are interpreted in the preview mode.

iPad is a trademark of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries.

This product includes software developed by Christophe Dolivet and published with a BSD-style license.